The essential of Fonramthai (Thai dancing)

        Fonramthai has an own characteristic and being thai in itself. It is the national art with no repetition or like the other nations. It is considered to be proudly national cultural wealth.
The characteristics of being thai are as the followings:
 Showing the delicate and graceful dancing post and the emotion according to the real thai characteristic with widely meaning.
 with music, it will create the happy emotion or it can dance with the song having only the rhythm or the song and action will be made along with those songs.
 The song or the song text must be the composing. The verse will be the eight rhymes.
 Thai drama dressing differs from the other nations by having an own style.

Value derived from Thai dancing

1.  In case of communication, the dramatic art has developed from the easy form and it is the part of the word or literature and art creating an own language called " dancing post language".

2.  It is used in the sacrifices such as dancing to do worshiping or offering the sacrifices to the holy one, dancing to redeem a vow to a god or dancing to do teaching worship.

3.  It is to use in the formalities such as the guest of the government formalities, the annually respected idol procession ceremony to gain own prosperity, the important celebrations such as birth day.

4.  It is to use in the entertainment and meetings .The dramatic art provides an enjoyment to all participants such as the birthday blessing dance and the other entertainments.

5.  It is to do the exercise and the personality development. To learn Ram Thai ( thai dcancing), one has to use a lot of energy in training and in the demonstration. It is like doing the exercise all the time. It is to stimulate or cure some part of body leading to be adroit and not to be taut including creating of the personality with the beauty and grand balance.

6.  It is to conserve and propagate the dramatic art to the be one of the community identity. In one community, people always inherited and conserve own dramatic art culture not to be disappeared. There is teaching, demonstration and propagation of thai dramatic art to the other locality or bring it to do the propagation in the foreign countries.