Wai Kru
(The Rite of Dramatic Art homage)
        Wai is a Thai way to show respect to the elders or respectable persons. In so doing, one is reminded by such manner to remain humble and aware of one's behavior.
This is also practiced priror to any Thai traditional dance as to show the respect to Kru (the masters or teachers), known as Por Kae (The Old Father). It is believed that when a dancer performs the ritual to pay respect to Por Kae, one is blessed by him. Wishfully, there is no mistake during the performance.
It also leads to the one who is gentle habit without any roughly behavior. Wai Kru is to show our own respect and gratefulness to the former teachers and the teachers who endowed us with the knowledge to the students as the knowledge inheritor. So they are all together offering themselves to receive the knowledge with the assiduity, preserve and enduring to earn all knowledge with the purpose to do the occupation creating the prosperous for them in the future.

Wai Kru from Rajabhat Institute Suan Sunandha