Ngarm Saeng-duen Docmai Khong Chad
Chaow Thai Ying Thai Jai Ngarm
Ram Si Ma Ram Duangjan Khaown-Fa
Khun Duen Ngai Yodchai Jai Han
Duangjan Wanpen Boocha Nukroob

        Ramwong is a Thai folk dance which was evolved from Ramthone a popular seasonal entertainment of a certain region.  Ram means dance and Thone is a small drum.  Ramthone can be explained as dancing to the accompaniment of the drum beats.

        As the Ramthone grew in popularity and spread to many provinces, varieties of songs were ad-libbed.  The lyrical singing implid the message of Ramwong or Ramthone become a favourite entertainment for all walks of life during the second world war.  The ability ot perform the dance was to keep their feet and limbs moving to synchronize with the regulated tempo.  They sometimes symbolised the lyrical text.

        Ramwong has been popular among Thais and foreigners since 1941.  There are about 10 types of Ramwong created by the Fine Arts Department.